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ASFPM Foundation Board of Trustees

Board of Directors
Position Name
Executive Board Trustees
President Dale A. Lehman, PE, CFM
Vice-President Jeffrey L. Sparrow, PE, CFM
Treasurer Mark E. Forest, PE, CFM
Secretary Chad M. Berginnis, CFM
Policy Advisor Larry A. Larson, PE, CFM
Projects Committee Chair Bradley Anderson, PE
Michael A. Moya, PE, CFM
Events Committee Co-Chair Jerry W. Sparks, PE, PMP
Events Committee Co-Chair Timothy S. Hillier, PE
Fellows Committee Chair Jo Ann Jay Howard, JD
Outreach & Communications Committee Chair Ann Terranova, PMP, CFM
Fundraising Committee Chair Michael J. Graham, CFM
Scholarship Committee Chair Molly J. O'Toole, PE, D.WRE, CFM
Immediate Past-President Doug Placenia, PE, CFM
Trustee Bruce A. Bender, CFM
Trustee Marko Bourne
Trustee Vince DiCamillo, PMP, CFM
Trustee Dale L. Gray
Trustee Maria Honeycutt, Ph.D., CFM
Trustee Elise Ibendahl, PE, ENV SP, CFM
Trustee Carey Johnson, CFM
Trustee Bel Marquez
Trustee Jae Guy Park, Ph.D., CFM
Trustee Ricardo Pineda, PE, CFM
Trustee Thomas Schweitzer, PE, PMP, GISP, CFM
Trustee David Stearrett, CFM
Trustee JoAnna Wagschal, PMP, APR
 Trustee  Christina Mehl
Donor Recognition Coordinator
 Donor Coordinator Mary A. Lehman
Foundation Staff Liaisons
Foundation Staff Liaison Jeff Davis
Foundation Staff Liaison
Mary Beaty
Foundation Staff Liasion   Alicia Jackson
International Partner
Floodplain Management Australia Allan Gear, TMIEAust, MPIA
Associate Jeremias Alvarez, PWC
Associate Allison (Westlund) Andrews, CFM
Associate Suman Biswas
Associate Aaron Clark
Associate Leslie Durham, PE
Associate Ben Fennelly, PE, CFM
Associate Dave Fowler, DCL, CFM
Associate Becca Fricke-Croft, CFM
Associate Vince Geronimo, PE, CFM
Jean Huang, PE, CFM
Associate Margaret Keener
Associate Laura Kelliher, PMP, CFM
Associate Matt Koch, P.E.,PMP, CFM
Associate Jesus Mulgado
Associate Paul A. Osman, CFM
Associate Swamy Pati, Ph.D., P.E., CFM
Associate Marc Pearson, GISP, CFM
Associate Mike Robinson, CFM
Associate Alisa Sauvageot, CFM
Associate Ceil Strauss, CFM
Associate Veronica Villalobos-Pogue, CFM
Associate  Del Schwalls, PE, CFM 

ASFPM Foundation Fellows

The ASFPM Foundation began its Fellows Program in 2016 to recognize long-standing supporters of the Foundation whose careers and professional activities have contributed to the Foundation’s mission. It is an honorary group, the membership of which is chosen by nomination to the Foundation Executive Board.  A Fellow is a non-trustee who has a strong record of continued financial support and/or strong volunteerism that is integral to the continued success of the Foundation. An important criteria to serve as a Fellow is the willingness to remain engaged with the Foundation and all of its associated activities and initiatives, although there is no explicit activity required.  Recently, Fellows have assisted in developing and encouraging fundraising through personal networking and creating programs such as estate planning to encourage more ways to further ensure the financial success of the Foundation. It is through creative solutions such as these – brought to the forefront by the Fellows – that allows the Foundation to continue in its work to promote a sustainable and resilient floodplain management future.

Fellows Chair Jo Ann Howard
Fellows Dan C. Accurti
Fellows  Diane Brown
Fellows  A. Jean Brown
Fellows David Carlton, P.E.,CFM
Fellows Scott Edelman, PE
Fellows Dr. Gerry Galloway, PhD, PE
Fellows Matt Miller
Fellows Deborah Mills, CFM
Fellows Sally McConkey, P.E.
Fellows Michael Moye
Fellows Larry Olinger, PE
Fellows Rebecca Quinn, CFM
Fellows George Riedel
Fellows Grant Smith
Fellows Terri Turner, AICP,CFM
Fellows French Wetmore, CFM
Fellows Wallace Wilson, PE, CFM-retired

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