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Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum

A fundamental goal of the ASFPM Foundation is to foster research and education to support efforts in reducing flood losses and improving floodplain management in the United States. The Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum was initiated by the foundation in order to periodically convene experts in floodplain management to explore pressing issues in the field and set out ideas for resolving them. From these forums we hope to grow a broader and deeper understanding of what it is that we still need to know, how we can better apply what we already know, and what paths may still be unexplored in our attempts to improve management of our nation’s floodplains. Only with that understanding can we move forward with needed research, policy modifications and other actions.

 Forum Year  Forum Name  Forum Report
2019 Increasing Our Resiliency to Urban Flooding
2015 Climate-informed Sciences and Flood Risk Management—Opportunities and Challenges Meeting the Challenge of Change (2016)
 2013 Human Adjustments in Coasts Holistic Coasts: Adaptive Management of Changing Hazards, Risks and Ecosystems (2013)
 2010 Flood Risk Management Flood Risk Management Forum Final Report (2010)
 2007 Floodplain Management 2050 Floodplain Management 2050 - Summary Report (2007)
 2004 Reducing Flood Losses: Is the 1 percent Chance Flood Standard Sufficient? Reducing Flood Losses — Final Forum Report (2004)

March 2019 –  6th Forum "Increasing Our Resiliency to Urban Flooding"  The ASFPM Foundation will host a two-day policy forum. More than one hundred invited experts representing federal, state and local agencies, the private sector, academia and other stakeholder groups will come together to explore opportunities, barriers and challenges, and focus on the policy path forward. The high-level question to be addressed at the forum is: "How can we be better equipped as a nation to deal with rapidly increasing flood risk in urban areas?" Topics to be examined include: governance (local, state, federal, tribal); people (e.g., social impacts); water quality and quantity; ecosystems; economy (including impacts on private industry, commerce, jobs, etc.); and risk identification in an environment of changing risk (including risk communication).

September 2015 –  5th Forum "Climate-informed Sciences and Flood Risk Management: Opportunities and Challenges" The ASFPM Foundation and 100 invited experts set about defining the meaning of "climate-informed science" as it relates to EO 13690 and the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. The forum took place Sept. 17 at George Washington University.

February 2013 – 4th Forum "Human Adjustments in Coasts - Adaptive Management of Changing Hazards, Risks, and Ecosystems” The ASFPM Foundation and invited participants addressed coastal risk at the 4th Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum February 19-20 at George Mason University. A public "Coastal Flood Risk Roundtable" was held to share the findings and recommendations of the assembly and begin to identify near-term priorities and long-term goals.

March 2010 – 3rd Forum "Managing Flood Risk” The ASFPM Foundation has taken up Flood Risk as the cause for the 3rd Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum. Two separate symposia were held in the fall to garner background information and common understandings to focus the 2010 Forum held in March.

  • Symposium 1, September 2009: Defining Risk
  • Symposium 2, November 2009: Identifying and Communicating Risk
November 2007 – 2nd Forum "Floodplain Management 2050” an invitational workshop of experts who focused on how we could/should manage flood risk and our floodplains in the future given the increasing population, rise in housing
demand, tight federal budgets, climate change and other factors.

September 2004 – 1st Forum "Reducing Flood Losses: Is the 1 percent Chance Flood Standard Sufficient?” as examined through five questions. Is the knowledge:

  • still insufficient?
  • sufficient but not used?
  • used but ineffectively?
  • used but with an unanticipated lag in taking effect?
  • used with positive results that have simply been
    overwhelmed by increased vulnerability due to
    population growth, economic expansion, or other
    factors? (White et al., 2001)

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